Friday, July 20, 2007

Honesty and Friendship

What is true friendship?
Who would u consider as a true Friend?
What is Honesty?
How many people are honest with their feelings, with their thinking, with their family and friends?
How many can handle the truth when it is presented to their face?
How many really want to hear, to know the truth?

The world now is so full of deception, that its so hard to differentiate the truth and lies anymore.
Or probably, everybody know how to play the game in the world now, that there's no need to talk abt it or think abt it. It has become a nature.

Coming from one who was a straight-forward, outspoken person, who has learned so much along her way, bumping, hitting on the sore spots of people.. she has learned how to handle and present the truth to people ard her, to the people she cares, to the friends that she holds dearly to her heart.

But seriously pondering abt what the future world will become.. it just dont seems too promising. Looking @ the kids, the environment, the world nowadays.. its does seems a little scary and intimidating. A world full of lies, people full of masks, layers of masks..

Of cos. it might not b as bad as tat.. hopefully. ;)

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