Monday, July 23, 2007

We only got to see this map of the mountains after 'climbing' it on the day before... it was then i realised that it was really a long 'walk' we had.. unbelievable..

We were supposed to go to the Lugnaquilla Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Leinster and the 13th highest peak in ireland.. Ross and I didnt manage to reach the top as the mist was coming in and covering the top of it.. the pic is in one of the slideshows earlier.. wel, we're not too sure if we had reached Clohernagh / Corrigasleggaun.. but i believed that we could have only reached Corrigasleggaun.. although we do seemed to be not too far from the 'Lug'.. but i had learnt that things that seems near, it doesnt really means its tat near... hahhahahah.. especially in the mountains...! anyway, if its not because of the mist, Ross would have pushed me furthermore to reach to the 'Lug'.

Through this mountain hiking / climbing, or watever u call it.. i've come to realise tat this type of mountain climbing is not my stuff! Considering that we are both not properly equipped, not properly dressed as a hiker.. i really hate it when i am not fully prepared for this!!!! I hate it when my feet went down into the pool of mud, it was totally disgusting when u can feel the cold and mud in yr feet.. stepping into the mud feels like stepping into a big pool of shit! and when u can see the shit of the sheeps everywher in the mountain.. and prob cows' dung too.. i realli dun like to let my imagination run too wild!!
But thankfully and honestly, the air @ the mountains is surprisingly clean and fresh! I cant smell anything of the animal wastes, as i've real sensitive nose.

A real unforgettable experience.. i have never been so easily giving up on anything before.. except for this.. i wanted to give up continuing the climb a few times.. but Ross is the one who is very encouraging and kept pushing me to keep on going.. jesus.. he is real determined.. and he has been very patient with me along the way while i was cursing and swearing.. not really cursing and swearing in tat sense.. but stil, i felt really bad about it.. I am realli not prepared for that kind of hiking.. i felt so unsafe.. i knew something is not quite right when the owner of the B&B that we're staying, Sean, was asking us if we have the map and compass.. obviously, we 2 ignorant new timer hikers with nothing in hand.. he seemed a little worried and kept reminding us to come back dwn if we see the mist. So, frm that moment on.. i was not really that happy about the hike.. But stil we did went up quite high up til we see the mist.. and while we're on our way back dwn, we met some hikers, and they told us that we're actualy quite near to the 'Lug',, which is kinda comforting (for me)..

Going up the mountain is whole lot easier than going dwn.. as the path is much more muddy, slipperay and steeper.. of cos, we still made it back. ;) Dinner @ the B&B was totally fabulous and delicious!! Was really tired from the mountain climbing that i fell asleep @ 11pm, with a little red wine @ dinner.

On the next day, while we have almost the whole day free til we can take the bus back to dublin, we went to the visitor center of Glendalough and did a little tour of the glendalough.. hence the 2nd album from this trip.. ;)
And again, almost a whole day of walking/trekking.. seeing a whole new perspective of the beautiful nature in glendalough on a more structured pathway. And this time i am the one who is not tired and not requiring rest.. lol
Although my thighs are aching, and even my tummy muscles.. i just like to keep on walking and dont seems to be able to stop. ;)

Even when we got back to dublin after abt an hour bus ride.. i still go to the salsa club and danced til abt 2am..! kekkekeke.. i felt great!

i really love this feeling when my muscles are aching, with the exercise i do.. obviously the mountain hiking does contribute to my aches.. and that is why i think i would still do this again! but the next time round, i will get a pair of wellies and a raincoat @ least. ;)

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