Friday, July 20, 2007

Just some back dating of the pictures tat i took, especially this one.. beautiful sunset, which i took from the balcony of my apartment. clear sky (no rain) ;)
i know i hav been whining about the lousy weather that im experiencing in dublin.. but there are days when it doesnt rain, and sunny. yes, there is such days, but occasionally.
I really love the place tat im stayin right now as if i happen to stay home for the evening, and stay home long enough to watch the sunset, i do get very beautiful lovely sunset view frm the balcony.
Well, as for now its summertime.. the sun doesnt set till 11pm.. so the chances of me stayin home til then is rather slim too.. ;p
As for the sunrise.. i have not get the chance to see it.. although it occurs early, esp in the summer.. like when the sun rises @ abt 4.30am.. its either i will b still sleeping, or i hav juz got into bed @ 3/4am after a night of salsa dancing.. too tired to stay up to catch the sunrise..
Although sunrise also means the start a brand new day, but watchin sunrise alone is kinda lonely and sad though.. tink tats y i didnt want to watch the sunrise.. this is suppose to be a romantic thing to do.. so wel, prob i will leave it til then, ;)
Sunrise = start of a brand new day
Sunset = end of a bad/ lousy day
Wel, tats bcos for those who had a lousy day always wished the day wil end earlier & faster.

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