Sunday, July 08, 2007

MovieS that I was busy catching up after my travelling.

Watched this show twice, i had never mind to watch a blockbuster movie twice, especially when there's a super hot, handsome, cute hunk in the movie. ;) Needless to say, the onli guy who bared his upper body in the show is the onli hot hunk tat i hav my eyes glued on. kekekkekekek As always, Jessica alba is hot babe as well, but i personally feel that her tan is a bit too much for her though.

Shrek 3rd, the show that i would not miss! Considering that Justin timberlake is in the movie as well, being Arthie (arthur) and of cos for the whole animated movie as well. Have always been a fan for animation movies.. wel, except for simpsons.. and scooby doo..

As for the Pirates, who would miss this blockbuster movie, starring one of the world's cutest man, Orlando Bloom?
Ocean's 13.. Brad Pitt, George Clooney & Matt Damon, of cos, im in! smart scheming movie, i like the plot of the movie. ;)

last but not least, the two french movies that i watched..
I love La Vie en Rose, a very touching, sad & impressive story for this artiste.. hard childhood, glamorous career, but hard life. proving that its not a easy life at all being an artiste, esp in older times.. or when the only thing u know, do best is singing / acting/ or watever.. havin onli skills in yr life do have a disadvantage.. its always good to be an all rounder or flexible. ;)

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