Thursday, July 26, 2007

This post is especially for my dearest Brother, Weiwen...

Confession - I am realli sorry that i have not been reading yr blog.. but i really dun know why and wat comes over me.. prob bcos i dun usually go to multiply site.. but tonight, i juz went into it and was checkin out yr page.. then realised that u do write in yr blog.. so i was reading through all the posts that u had been posting.. and when i came to the one when u wrote for the CNY... i really cried... cos i am really touched and i felt so bad, guilty and honestly.. i remembered that day when we msned and u wrote tat u miss me.. i was already crying in front of my laptop while continue chattin wif u.. bcos tat was the st time u said tat to me... ;)
And of cos i can still remembered when i called home on the CNY when i was @ london, i was crying too, while standing @ the entrance of the church tat i went with Ruth's parents.. of cos i managed to sound happy and excited talkin to all of u via the hp..

I still think tat i have made the right decision.. cos if not, u, me and kaifang might not realise how much we will miss one another.. how strong we can be and we can grow.. its after coming over here, then i realised how blessed and fortunate we are in singapore.. and spoilt..
Oh well, i always put myself in this kind of tough and hard situations, forcing myself to grow.. i juz wanna experience life as much as possible, as full as i can make it be.. because i dont know how much time i had left..

Who knows? I dont realli care abt that though.. ;p

PS. i miss u too, a lot a lot a lot a lot....
When i come back to singapore, we must take a lot of photos together!! ;)

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