Friday, July 06, 2007

So much happening in June that it has really passed by in a flash that I had trouble tracking my activities.. .. .. ;)
Had abt 3weeks of leave, had Aunty mary and Chermaine company all the way from singapore.. travelling with them during their stay here.. Norway, Barcelona, Paris and Rome.. Jesus, now when i think abt it.. i finally understand why i was being so tired when i get back to work.. and literally was stayin in @ home after work.. but of cos, after 'resting' for abt 4days.. Fully recharged and back to hyperactivity me. ;)
Was almost going to the movie everytime i can, watched almost all the movies tat's screening in the cineworld. ;) tat felt really great!
Was recharged just in time for the concert that Channey and i had been waiting for.. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!
And Fergie is his special guest! And These 2 artistes are totally COOL & AWESOME!
Had a great time and im not Goin to start rattling abt how cute and handsome JT is.. ;D

So now, July.. wat do i have in mind..? prob its catchin up month, to upload pics, upload videos.. and my salsa dancing.. wil see how it goes.. ;)

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