Thursday, January 19, 2006

Am proud to present my 2nd piece of embroidery.. & finally can post the pics up cos i finally had passed it to Anna, my best friend, as her Xmas present 2005!! ;D

i know it's past xmas, but well, we both were too busy to mit up due to our tight schedules.. & its never too late isnt? Hope she really likes it. ;)

My 1st piece of embroidery.. well, was done few years back actually.. & it was given to my boyfriend then.. ;) hmm.. shld have taken a pic of it.. now im thinking of doin another one.. for another gd friend of mine.. cant say it out here, cos suppose to be a nice surprise.. will have to go n buy one soon.. ;)

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Anonymous said...

i am amaze. u can actually call that guy sweet when he hug and kiss u and said he dun want to let go while he already has a gf?? wonder how u would call him if he is your bf and is doing it to another girl?? will you still label him as sweet??