Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some perceive me as High Maintainence gal, who needs lots of pampering, gifts or so whatever. Some said that i have high standards for my man.. but what do they know about what i want from my man of my dreams, cos I dun even know what standards do i have.. Had a chat wif BK one day and we were talkin about what we are looking for in our partner.. the 5 C's.. Behold.. Not the 5 C's that you people are thinking abt.. our 5 C's are- Caring, Comfortable, Communicating, Concern &.... well.. cant rem what's the last C.. shucks.. ;p okie.. for the time-being. let the last C be Connection. ;D

Today, was takin a cab to somewher.. the cabby uncle was chatting wif me abt life.. men & women.. he asked me if i've heard abt what does men/women want for their partner.. reply was "What men want frm women is, a lot of understanding,but a little love. What women want frm men is, lots of love,but a little understanding. Love here meaning, saying 'i love you' to their partner everyday.. This is a general statement of truth.. but I said to myself.. well, I need lots of understanding & Love as well.. ;D Mr Cabby heard wat i said & he replied.. Men shld never ever try to understand women Cos we are too difficult, too hard to understand.. & men would never understand women!! Cos we are from Venus & Men frm MARS!!!!!!! duh...

Another pointer he said.. Women shld never try to expect their man to change. Men wont want their women to change. hmm.. Women shld not have any expectations frm men or trying to change them as men would not change.. unless until when men turns 50s.. when hormonal changes.. another fact of life he said.. the Man who is veri fierce/strict wif their children.. will be veri loving, caring to their grandchildren. But as for women.. if they're strict toward her children, wil be the same to her grandchildren.. well.. hmm..

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Toadjuice said...

Wah! So cheem, but no wories, I know you not as a high maintenance type of person.

Relationships are like vacations. Don't go into one with any expectations and you'll definitely enjoy a good one.

Like a vacation, you might fall in love with the place and find permanance there too.