Monday, March 20, 2006

Butterflies in my stomach.. adrenaline pumping in my body.. feeling excited yet nervous @ the same time.. dun get me wrong.. im not falling in love.. this was how i felt today when i went for an interview in the late morning.. ;)
Took breakfast & coffee in the morning.. im not a regular coffee drinker, but i had & i must have one as i did not sleep during the nite as i was workin on nite shift..
the interview went on rather smoothly i guess.. cos the interviewer called me back after the interview and asked me if im interested in another post as well.. wel, of cos i said i dun mind.. the position is the same as wat i applied for, its juz another dept.. ;) n she actualy offered me not onli one position.. but another 2.. ;) i dun know what it means but well.. i'll juz go wif the flow.. cos actualy im not sure if i reali want to get the job @ all.. cos i reali do hope to get the chance of goin oversea to work.. wil see how it goes then..
onli get to sleep @ 2pm.. went to the library after the interview.. was pretty quite awake then.. gues its the excitement & the caffeine effects.. ;p onli got 3 hrs of sleep n here i am.. workin again.. ;(

Just hope everything wil goes on smoothly & to my best benefit.. ;)
& hope tml wil be a bright sunny day as i want to go to the beach for suntanning..!!!

i need the peacefulness, quietness, to myself.. for me to think things over..
i need the warmth of the sun,( since there's no one who can give me tat yet.. ;D )
i need to spend sometime alone.. all alone.. ;)
i miss it lots.. ;)

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