Thursday, March 16, 2006

Last nite we had lost our 2nd game of netball.. I dun know if i should be happy or sad abt it.. cos if we had won yest, today we would have to play again.. so now, we had lost, we are oreadi out of the league, as its a double knock out game.. This wk is reali a hectic n pack one for me.. cos if we're playin today, i would have to rush for dinner wif mary & gang after the game, luckily now i dont have to do tat.. ;p cos last nite, after the game, i have to rush to attend mabel's wedding dinner @ harbourfront, Dragon Gate Restaurant.. & actualy after the wedding dinner, i'd rushed to Trudy's dad wake.. luckily its a christianity wake.. & well, we young pple are not tat superstitious. ;) & i was working morning shifts since mon.. meaning i have to wake up @ 4.45am.. ;>
Cant wait for the dinner tonight wif Mary & gang later.. & salsa @ hard rock!!
& of cos tml dinner wif mary & another gang again!!!!!!! ;D

Im goin to put on weight this wk man..!! SHUCKS...!!
I gotta work out!!!!!!!!! ;)

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