Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Someone frm the past came knocking unto my heart last nite.. wel, it was actually last thurs/fri.. I received an anonymous sms asking how have i been, am i stil the one he knew, blah blah blah.. honestly.. when i 1st received the sms(s).. i was realli kinda pissed off cos he refused to reveal his identity.. it was freaky when he said he knew where i lived.. @#$#%^$#%@#$^
but i forgot everything abt it soon after tat.. until last nite.. The mysterious idiot sms me again asking if i want to have supper.. i was "What the hell...!! I must realli be stalked..!! F#%@%$^$!!! " I didnt bother to reply when he tried to drop hints abt his identity.. i was not interested to know.. Reali felt like telling him that if u're realli my fren as what u said.. u wont try to be funny/mysterious.. In the end.. finally he revealed who the F@#$ is he..

One of my Ex Bf when i was in Sec.. someone whom I took abt 3yrs to get over (then).. Someone whom forsake the friendship betw us becos of his then-Gf.. someone who went to the US for his training & work for the past few years.. Honestly.. I really almost forgot all about him.. If he doesnt remember my no, well, my hp no has not changed over these years.. if he doesnt contact me again.. I believe I would not even remember him.. its not bcos i hated him.. its bcos i thought i realli had lose him even as a friend when he listened to his gf then.. i remembered that she was so possessive tat she demanded him not to contact me ever again.. & after tat he went to the States..

Now he's back, well, surprisingly not married & not attached, like me.. ;D I thought he would be.. thinking of how she was then.. thought he would be under her control forever.. ;D but well, he's not. Anyway, we did went for supper & it was really gd to see him again though.. No hard feelings towards him.. well, i dun remembered tat i ever had any hard feelings to any of my ex bfs though.. ;D He stil looks gd as ever, i mean healthy, doin gd etc.. ;)

Memories memories memories.. what are we goin to be if we dun have any memories.. if we lost all our memories.. I wonder..

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