Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Went to watch this movie wif katy yest.. ;) it is a chick flick so it juz so suitable for us.. ;D
I quite like this show.. light hearted & kinda send a msg across.. abt love.. ;)
it is realli quite true tat ther r pple who r oreadi attached, they r looking for something else tat the current relationship cant give them.. something exciting.. adventurous.. spontaneous.. esp those who r supposingly to get engaged or married soon.. mayb i belong to this grp of pple too.. i dun noe.. wel.. nobody noes for sure actualy.. ;p
of cos its not onli abt love.. ther r pple who r stil looking for their meaning in life, their purpose, dreams, u can be searching for any of these for the rest of yr life.. there r many who stil dun know what r they looking for til upon their death bed..

Few gd frens once told me that they felt that i need a man.. who's older, not realli in the sense of number of yrs, a mature man that is.. ;)
a man to take care of me.. who is smart, (wel, I AM attracted to smart guys) whom i can hold conversations with me.. who loves dogs as much as i do, who is adventurous & fun.. spontaneity.. I reali do think so too.. ;p wel, there r stil many other qualities that im attracted to actualy.. ;D

I love the feeling of being pampered (wel, who doesnt??)
I remembered when V 1st called me, KIDDO.. i was not offended.. i was kinda flattered.. i felt like a little gal again, the feeling was so sweet i remembered.. u know y.. cos i've always been a big sister, a leader.. to my siblings, my close frens.. i was the aggressive one, the one to protect them.. i'd always wished tat i could have an elder bro or sis or even cousin.. (im the eldest grandchild in both sides of my family as well).. I dun mind being treated like a young kid @ times.. i realli mean @ times.. not always ya.. I am a grown up kid!! ;D

I always said that i wont fall in love wif a much older man.. but.. there's an exceptional though.. & that is RICHARD GERE..!! ;D I could fall in love wif him, i mean it..!! & Now, i can add 1 more.. & that is Kevin Costner!! ;D

One more thing abt what i love in a man.. I love men who wear white shirt.. haha!!
Realli..!! No matter how.. they will for sure look veri smart & charming when they're in white.. & sexy.. ;p wel, almost everyone looks gd in white, i tink.. almost.. ;D
White is my fav too!!

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