Monday, March 13, 2006

Red is for Victory!!! Today, we had played against team frm MEWR..(frm a environment, water people..) actualy dun reali know wher r they frm.. :D total goal, 21-15!!
We not onli had won by the goals.. & oso the sportmanship!! YEAH!!
Actually, in that team.. there're onli like 2 of the players who were veri rough & kinda rude.. the rest of the team are pretty nice pple though.. there was one gal who onli played the last quarter of the game.. she has long hair but she didnt even bother to tie it up when she's down in the court!!! OMG!! & well, as for the other one.. i can say that she realli played well but too bad.. she realli veri rough & rude.. but well, since she seemed to be rather old.. i told the rest of my team to forget it.. anyway, we had won!! hahah!! okie.. stop all this bitching.. juz feeling veri happy & lighten up after playing the game!! all i can say is that i still love netball!!!! ;p

but i missed my secondary team of netball.. with peishi,xiuling,ivy,mala.. & the rest.. we were juz such great combination!! we trained hard, even in the rain & we actually loved to play in the rain veri much.. ;D
I missed gettin myself drenched in the rain.. i used to do tat everytime it rained.. wel, partly bcos i dun like umbrellas & tats one of my lame excuse to get drenched.. haha!! especially when i was troubled.. gettin yrself drenched is one gd way to let it out.. wel, for me @ least!! ;D

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