Friday, May 05, 2006

26th April - Attended this Seminar @ Grand Hyatt Hotel.. after AM shift..
Octenisan, an antiseptic solution tat the europeans use it to bath their infectious patients..
Lecture was actualy abt 2hrs.. but me.. as usual, fell asleep on the 1st lecture.. had a long day @ work.. & the speaker was kinda boring.. he speak real slow.. tat make my eyes shut down even faster than i wanted to.. ;p
well, @ least the 2nd hour of the lecture was not tat slow.. but was a little bit more interesting cos the speaker was talking abt this solution tat they're using.. was curious abt the solution so didnt fall asleep.. ;p
had a great dinner after the lecture.. then went to watch the election 2 @ JP wif sebaz & jason la..

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