Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Are You High Maintenance?
destiny1020, you're a Total Middle!
Personal Upkeep Material Upkeep Emotional Upkeep

Material Upkeep- Maybe you're self-sufficient and practical, or maybe you're just slightly unkempt. Either way, you tend to think that top-of-the-line products are unnecessary and excessive, and you don't indulge yourself with more than you need. We think it's safe to say that you don't put much emphasis on the how trendy or high-quality your products and possessions are. You're a firm believer in the philosophy of "less is more."

Emotional Upkeep- You like being a top priority in your partner's life, but you also respect his/her independence — good for you! Sure, it's important for you to feel valued and appreciated in your relationship, but your expectations for your significant other tend to be realistic and attainable. You definitely know how you want to be treated, but you don't think the only fulfilling relationship is one filled with constant doting.

Personal Up- keepIt's a safe bet that you don't spend much time grooming yourself. Your lack of concern about your appearance means you're either physically blessed or a little messy. The fact that you don't always feel like you have to look your best could be the result of either a super-healthy level of self-confidence or a disregard for others' opinions. Either way, it's no skin off your nose if you're happy with how you look.

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