Monday, May 22, 2006

its juz another blue blue monday.. im like a garfield today.. i know its juz another lame excuse to be lazy for the start of the week.. but i juz cant help it.. ever since from the time when i woke up, i juz feel so tired.. didnt drag myself to work though, juz tired..
had a really bad stomach upset yest after the buffet lunch @ Sakura wif my family.. not food poisoning, dun wory my frens, juz tummy upset.. luckily it onli got veri upset after a round of mahjong wif my family.. of cos, i lose @ the table cos couldnt concentrate @ all.. wif my tummy turning upside dwn.. me burbing almost thru' out the whole game.. so after spending abt 15mins on the toilet bowl.. have to leave the house to meet a fren for a movie..
we watched 'Over the hedge' @ T.B., the show is realli very cute & funny!! I love the character of Hammie.. innocent, cute, loving guy.. catch the show n u'll know.. ;) luckily by then, my tummy was feelin quite okie.. not angry anymore, but no appetite to have my usual popcorn during movies.. so all i had for the rest of the evening were, a bottle of gree tea, some grapes, dried mango, papaya & guava..
i tink tats y i felt so lethargic today.. i tink i shld rest early tonite.. i tink its my burn out body callin out to me.. take a break, honey.. take a break..

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