Wednesday, May 24, 2006

juz tryin to backdate the pics taken over the last few days.. or mayb wks.. almost forgotten all abt them.. ;p
These are taken few wks back i tink.. was having dinner wif Aunty Mary & Katy @ the Hongkong cafe.. @ east coast road.. we all love this bread.. veri nice..!! Katy introduced us to this cafe as she loves the bread & its one of her fav hangout plce wif her inline kaki frens.. would love to go there again..!! ;)

Now, these are taken on sat when i was @ Sentosa wif grp of co-colleagues ;) didnt take a lot of pics cos was not realli in the mood for it.. this kiddo here, bears the same surname wif me, but he's aint my bro/cousin.. he's one of dr's kid, his name is Jack.. isnt he cute..!! then there's his sister, lily.. i hope the spellin's right.. anyway, the 2 kiddos are really adorable, fun & quite well behaved. ;) & the last pic here, of cos is their mummy ;) had a great time @ the beach wif them & wif the gang of adults of cos.. there were Mei, Chelsea, ganesh, melvin, chin, ruth, bernard.. although i dun reali know mei & chelsea well, but well, we gals wil never run out of topics to talk abt.. so, wel, u know..

Then it was Sunday.. went to church in the morning then to Sakura, @ the Omni theatre, for their lunch buffet wif my family.. for post mothers' day celebration.. indulge myself wif the food over there.. its been a long time since i have such full meal.. im not realli dieting, i juz wanna maintain as wat it is now.. ;D

ps- i hate it when my face is round as tat's the 1st plce tat u can see if im putting on weight.. i dun wan a hamburger face!!!!!

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