Friday, May 26, 2006

Feeling High today..!!! Reasons... Causes...
1- IELTS exams finally over... juz finished the oral examinations in the morning.. ;p i tink i shld have done a gd job.. dun dare to say im gd, but not too bad i can say.. ;D dun have too much expectations of myself.. dun overestimate myself.. tats one of my principles actualy.. its not tat i dun have confidence in myself, but wel.. juz being modest.. hhahahahhaha..!!! okie.. enuff of the exams.. dun realli wanna to tink abt it anymore cos its OVER.. & all i can do now is to wait for the results to send to me mailbox.. ;) im COUNTING DOWN oreadi..!! 14 days to go!!!!
So after the exams, we went to have breakfast @ TCC.. oohhh.. the feeling of being there @ 10+am, having a sumptous breakfast.. feeling of being so free... GOSH, it was superb!! we felt like we are having holiday.. juz woke up frm the hotel.. having breakfast.. juz bumming ard.. tat was cool!! of cos it is only for today... but heck.. juz enjoyed the moment!!
Then we went shopping @ cineleisure, was looking ard for Alice's present, couldnt find anything.. so down to Takashimaya.. frm level 4 to basement.. we spent abt an hour @ basement 1, & guess wat.. i have even bought the presents for the June's babies in the ICU..!! I am the Genius!!! ;D bought the presents that we liked & we're sure that they would love their presents as well..!! Then to Tangs, we bought the voucher from Dior, for they're having the makeover promotion.. so we'll be having our makeup makeover nex wk, yeah..!!! check out the newspaper for the promotion, we happen to see the promo on the straits time while we're @ TCC.. ;P
Came back home to rest my poor feet & to put dwn all the stuffs tat i'd bought.. it was abt 100bucks for the presents for 4 of our colleagues!! woo hoo..!!

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