Saturday, May 20, 2006

Am feeling great!! its been a long time since i had felt so good..nope, im not falling in love wif anyone (yet).. but im really having fun with my life as it is now.. last night i got my high on the salsa dancefloor once again!! i really love this feeling.. i was dancing almost non-stop for 5hours.. gosh!! it really felt so good when the ball of my both feet hurts, my calf muscles tired.. almost cant feel them.. for continous 2 days of salsa high, i hope this can last me for a long time..!! without salsa, i tink my life will b a complete bore.. to my salsa frens, i love u folks!!

one more heartlifting thing when i reached home.. i received my 2nd letter from mongolia, from my 3yrs old kiddo.. ;) my sponsored kid actualy.. ;p received his annual progress report, from the picture, he did looked grown up a little.. so cute!! but i haven replied yet.. hmmm.. i tink i shld write to him.. soon.. ;p i dun know what shld i write..

i'll be heading to the beach later.. gotta soak myself up in the sun!! yeah!! tomorrow wil be having lunch @ Sakura wif my family for post celebration on Mummy's day.. couldnt have it last wk as what we initially planned as my poor mummy had fallen sick wif her swollen gum.. it got so swollen that u can see it from the face.. she cant even eat for the 1st 2 days.. well, tml wil be pay back time!! ;D

gosh.. tats how im goin to spend my off days for this wk..!! its really super duper fanstatic!!

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