Friday, May 26, 2006

Got my high last night as well @ Hard Rock Cafe..!!! There was this guy all the way frm NY .. ooohh.. he was so GOOD!!!!!!!!! I didnt realised his presence until Hendra signalled me after my dance.. woah..!! He really caught my eyes & my soul...!! but not onli me.. most of the salsa pple are practically watching him dance!!!!!!!! Needless to say, i did asked him for a dance.. & wel.. the 1st dance we had, i tink it was horrible cos i cant realli get his lead & he is On2.. im stil learning, picking up On2.. but stil it was realli good, & he is really veri nice, as he knows that im not an On2 dancer.. he tried to teach me while we're dancing. I really Appreciate tat, u know.. i tink it was veri nice & sweet of him. of cos, given my fast learning pick up skills.. (Ahem.. ahem..), i did picked up the pointers frm him. ;D
then surprisingly, he asked me for the 2nd dance.. ;P so i had 2 dances with him continously, & i REalli enjoyed myself dancing with him, although stil cant realli get his lead @ times, but im sure, give me a few more times with him, im sure to get it right!!!! :D :D :D I cant wait to see him again!!
now, im starting to enjoy dancing On2.. there's Jimmy, Clarence, Darren, Biaoda to dance wif me On2.. & of cos, this NY guy & not forgotten our Professor of Salsa.. gosh.. i've been getting so high from dancing salsa..!! Its juz like having a night of wild,superb sex!! ;D

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