Wednesday, December 07, 2005

After Dinner @ Joyce's plce, went to Union.. tonite was celebrating Darren's bday.. ;) Din took a lot of pics cos we were actually busy dancing.. heheheh ;p but still, rem to take pics wif my digi cam.. or else onli wif Marco & Desmond hps.. im not veri optimistic abt how the pics wil turn out to be though.. ;p anyway, tonite had a gd time dancing.. the cake was reali veri nice.. chocolate!! My FAV!! ;p but not sure who bought the cake & where it is frm.. most prob bought by Desmond i tink.. then Desmond bought the bday a drink which i forgot wat's the name was.. but tink Darren can hold his liquor quite well, cos he was not drunk or high after drinking tat.. he looked sober.. ;) then as usual, went to Arkbar for some supper n drinks.. wel, i onli had a drink.. Jimmy had 2 cheese prata.. yum yum..!! but i cant eat.. then darren & gang ordered some food as well.. went off early as it started to rain abt 1am, i tink.. so off we go (Jimmy, Sean & mi) after paying for our share of food.. the rain was kinda funny & weird though.. it started wif slight drizzle then by the time we hop into a cab, & on the expressway.. it was pouring...!! then halfway htru @ the expressway, ther was no rain.. then after a distance.. then poured..!! it was so heavy tat we cant even see the road in front of us!!! so it was like, heavy rain.. then no rain.. then heavy rain.. so when we reach Jimmy's plce (@ West Coast), it was raining heavily.. then to Sean's (Jurong East).. no rain.. then started to drizzle.. then my plce, it was heavy.. went to pick my sis who was stuck @ pioneer mall wif her best fren due to the rain.. none of them had umbrella.. so came home together wif her... ;) Mum was clearing up the store room.. so i helped her wif the clearing up.. ;) cleared up 2 big bags of jeans.. 1 big bag of clothings.. tat we dun wan anymore.. gosh.. & we have now 3 big boxes of bags.. reali alot of stuffs... tml it'll b my room tat i need to clear up.. hopefully i can do it within a day.. okie, gotta sleep now then or else i wont have enuff time to clear up the room... ;p
Celebrating Darren's bday @ Union Posted by Picasa

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