Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Was @ JJ Salsa party on Sat.. & had a terrific time dancing.. was pratically dancing the whole nite away.. frm 8pm til abt 2am...!!! Cool!!!!! i simply LOVE SALSA!!! ;D & the 1st time, i wore a dress to dance salsa.. ;p The theme of the nite was something like 'Wildly Colorful'.. initially i tot of juz wear a bright col top n jeans for the party.. was considering orange/pink/green top.. but wel, tat wont do the trick i tot.. cos its wat i usually wear.. wif jeans. nothing special.. then tot of matchin the top wif a short black skirt.. but stil not nice enuff though.. not enuff for the theme of the nite.. so.. finally took out this dress.. n tot well, tis is super nice.. but wearing it to dance.. i've never try it.. dancing salsa wif such dress.. oh, actualy the 1st time i actualy did wore a dress to Union was a black dress, which i wore it for a wedding dinner.. didnt reali planned to go to union after the wedding dinner, it was a last mi decision n urge to dance after the dinner so no choice, went ther wif the black dress.. anyway, all i can say abt this dress.. it was simply SUPERB!! hahaha ;D it is reali veri nice.. & altough i had danced for almost nonstop thru out the nite, i didnt reali perspire @ all.. it could be the dancing is not as exhausting as b4, the exercise is not enuff for mi anymore.. or it could b the credit of the dress.. i dun noe.. but i love this dress!! reali, this is a perfect dress to dance salsa.. thanks Aunty!! After the party.. which we left ard 2+.. we went for supper @ the kopitiam @ bencoolen st.. by the time i reached home after dropping Jimmy & Sean.. it was abt 4am.. it was like i was awake for abt 24hrs..!! i woke up ard 4+ on the sat as i was workin AM shift on Sat.. & had a super duper busy day @ work as the pt whom i taking care of, is veri veri ill.. but luckily was on the same shift wif Siti n peichi.. we had delivery of Nasi Lemak, with many thanks to Siti who bought us the breakfast.. ;D anyway, although our shift ends @ 3.15pm.. but Siti & i left the ward ard 4+.. as we're discussing the food we're goin to order for our ward xmas party... ;p then Siti & i went to orchard to go ard shopping.. she wanted to get something frm John little as she had discount voucher.. but she didnt get anything.. she wan to get something tat 'talks' to her.. but apparently.. nothing 'talks' to her.. then we moved to Centrepoint.. she finally got something frm there.. ;) i was actually telling her tat.. nothing can 'speak' to her or mi tat day as we're too tired & the both of us were oreadi 'shut down' tat nothing can 'speak' to us @ all.. which is reali quite true.. but luckily, after awhile, we're pretty quite okie & opened up again.. then she finally got something for herself.. as for m, i couldnt buy anything cos i've to go for the Salsa party.. din wan to carry too many things to go to the party.. so anyway, then i went to mit Sean & the rest for dinner 1st b4 the party start.. we're @ this plce.. called Padi & Nooch @ far east square... WArning to my dear frens out there... DUN EVER GO THER FOR MEALS YA.. although the price is okie.. but the food taste reali BAD!! imagine i had ordered for a beef ramen.. the soup base is actualy Mushroom soup.. n the noodle.. too soft, soggy... & the serving is reali small!!!!!!!! & the food is not served hot..!! this not onli happens to mi.. it goes the same for the rest of the food that others had ordered.. its reali not gd @ all...! luckily the nite was great..!! ;p All thanks to June&Jackson n their team who had organised this great party of the yr!! I would attend the party nex yr if there's .. & if im stil ard.. ;D

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