Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I realised tat i cant be angry wif someone for too long.. i was pissed wif my sis 2days ago actualy.. i was angry with her for being selfish, arrogant, self centered.. but now, i dun anymore.. im back to my ownself, working happily, although it was another busy day again.. work has been veri busy since last wkend.. ;( wel, i dun bear grudges.. tats y.. on the nite when i had a 'quarrel' wif her.. i almost cried myself to sleep tat nite.. i was so veri veri veri angry!! but i fell asleep within 15mins.. then woke up with 2 super swollen eyes.. which normally happens if i cry b4 i sleep.. went to work wif the swollen eyes.. & worse.. with swollen gum as well.. it was painful, swollen.. & i couldnt eat anything solid..!! & worse, i had to work my ass off on tat day.. felt so sick, couldnt eat.. anyway, didnt have time to eat as well.. frm 730am til 4+pm.. non stop.. cant rem wat time did i leave my workplce.. onli rem tat i felt so tired & drained.. tat i didnt do anything much after work.. onli went home & juz laze ard @ home..
nex day was on my off day.. which i oso din do anyting much.. had lunch wif shaowei then went to supermarket to buy lots of fruits & other stuffs for my house party on this coming sat.. im goin to have a party @ home for my family & relatives.. xmas party!! & im goin to make a fruit salad for them too.. tats y i bought lots of fruits.. ;p stil has some stuffs to buy though.. am stil thinking wat shld i add to it.. tml wil shop ard n see if there's anything i can get.. ;) had oreadi ordered some food frm giant..coffeebean.. on the day itself wil call for pizzas & wil get some strudels as well.. i cant wait to get the strudels cos i know my dad, uncles & aunties they wil love it..! im goin to get the durian flavour!!! We love durians!!! ;D im hoping tat i'll feel better wif my gum so tat i can eat all the stuffs i bought for the party.. now, its much better, but its stil swollen.. @ least i can have sandwich.. for the last 2 days, i was onli having porridge.. & porridge dont fill my stomach much.. i got hungry again within 1hr after having porridge..
cant wait for sat to come!!!!! ;)

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