Tuesday, December 27, 2005

i have always love to do those IQ tests, personality tests.. i always find it very interesting to get to know myself more.. & juz testing to see how true/accurate the results are.. wel, had juz tried one juz now.. here's the results.. ;)

Test: What's your true talent? What are you really good at?

Your true talent is abstract reasoning. Your ability to look at information abstractly means you have a rich imagination. You're one of those rare people who can mix two unrelated ideas together to come up with a great new one. Most people aren't as skillfull as you are at applying knowledge outside of its usual context.

Your combination of strategic thinking and creativity can be an incredible value in both business and social environments.


Amazing isn't? ;)
Its quite true abt mi having a rich imagination.. ;p im always daydreaming of stuffs.. lots lots lots of stuffs actually.. ;)

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