Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Xchange gifts we get from each other!! Posted by Picasa

These pics are taken on Mon when we had our xmas gathering.. wat took mi so long to put all these up eh... wel, i was reali busy, schedule super duper tight that i could onli have 3-4hours of sleep frm mon to wed nite.. even til today.. thurs although it is my day off but wel, as usual.. i was out the whole day.. ;p

Anyway, we had dinner @ Out of the Pan, located @ the basement of Raffles City.. the gathering was kinda last min change.. as we suppose to mit on the 22nd.. but Doe wil b workin nite shift meaning she wil not b able to make it on 22nd.. so we gotta change it.. then we went to holland V to mit up wif Doe as she was workin til 8pm. so we had supper @ Swensons & had our gift Xchange over there.. ;p & wel, this is wat we got..!! ;) by the way, HL didnt get an alien tats growin out frm her shoulder.. its a massager tat FS got for her.. ;)

Then as usual, we would get a grp pic wif my digi cam.. this time.. my cam was plce on the glass of water.. ;)

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