Saturday, December 03, 2005

One of my gd frens when doin my diploma in NYP.. Joanna!! We went for Adv Dip in NYP as well @ the same time.. but not doin the same Adv dip though.. ;) She's looks so feminine now!! Look @ her curls!! ;D
Anyway, we'll mit up one of these days soon too to catch up wif each other.. we dun reali have much to talk @ the dinner cos the plce was a bit rowdy.. & its difficult to talk when u're eating.. so we'll mit up for coffee!!! ;p
Am looking forward to tat!!! & there is supposingly to be one more gal.. Joyce.. but she couldnt make it for the dinner.. the 3 of us always hang out together when we're studying in NYP.. ;)

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