Monday, December 26, 2005

im in the midst of my break time.. wel, im workin nite shift.. mon to wed nite.. my patients are stil the same ones whom i got slightly depressed recently.. they are stil the same.. like wat AhBang said.. pt is in unstable-stable condition.. well, its understood betw us, ;p

Had lots of thoughts runnin thru my mind, not onli today.. every min to b truthful.. but if i were to pen every thoughts down.. i tink the post is gonna be super long.. ;p

Yr 2005 is goin to an end soon.. & time passed super duper fast esp during the festive seasons.. am thinking of my new yr resolutions oreadi.. ;) i know i want to get my driving license by nex yr.. (hopefully).. & am looking forward to goin on a trip wif my 'Sisters' too.. we agreed to go to bangkok together in feb.. they wanna go shopping.. which wel, although tats not wat i reali wanna do.. but as long as im goin on a trip wif them, it doesnt reali matter wat we're goin to do.. cos im sure we'll be having a great time.. Although we've known one another for so long.. abt 11-12yrs.. we've not gone for an overseas trip yet.. its time to bring our friendship to another level ya..!! hahahha!!

tinking abt this yr xmas.. i didnt reali have time to shop for presents which i felt kinda guilty for not getting any presents for my family.. except my bro.. cos guys' stuffs are so much easier to get..i tink the party i had for my whole family @ my plce is oreadi gd enuff & tiring for mi.. i reward myself more than i shld.. but i dun care.. i tink this yr i had worked too hard, party too much.. ;D i bought myself a new digi cam..!! a portable speaker which i can use for my ipod mini.. a new dress which i can wear for dinner.. ;p (i reali love it the moment i see it on the mannuquin) & other stuffs which i dun reali rem.. which oso means it doesnt reali mean a lot or anyting special actualy.. ;p

i do love the feeling of organising parties or gatherings i realised.. the party i had for my family.. the party for my workplce.. i love to see the happy faces the pple have, seeing them enjoying the food, the company.. although there're a lot of food @ the parties.. i didnt eat much.. was too busy making sure that everyone @ the party are eating & having a gd time.. i was not hungry although im suppose to be.. ;p i realised tat i have not been eating much these 2wks which i oso dun know why.. dun seem to get hungry.. even when i do get hungry, i'll juz ignore the grumbling of my stomach n cont with wat im doin & soon i'll forget abt the hunger i had.. im no longer eating cos i love to eat.. im eating bcos i have to eat.. tats pathetic isnt.. but wel, i tink i'll get over it soon.. Live to eat used to be my life motto..
there's another party coming up tis wk.. end of yr party wif my dear salseros frens.. @ watever plce it is.. im looking forward to it.. its another PPPAAARRRTTTTYYYY time!!! ;D by the way, i juz went for a gathering b4 i go for work juz now.. it was wif my grp of 'brothers' @ one of their plce, had steamboat dinner.. knew this grp of guys since sec sch time.. they're all my seniors.. i ate a lot @ the dinner.. wel, thats the onli meal i had for the whole day though.. ;p didnt take any pics wif them cos i know they wont want to have any..

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