Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Finally get the pics frm Sylvastian whom helped mi to take for a 'fashion show' i did.. tat was my 1st time doin the runway & was reali having fun.. it was done to help Fiona's fren, Alvin.. whose one of the photographers for the launching of the book, Batik Inspiration.. ;) so all of us helped to walk the runway for free.. ;) cheapo eh.. but wel, Christal & I were doin it for fun.. ;)
It was kinda hilarious when we had to change out frm the outfit in a small crappy fitting room tat was juz bhind the stage.. & worse, i tink pple who were standing frm the 2nd floor might had seen us change.. stripped.. or watever u call it.. the time was so rushed tat we dun even have time to tink if anyone outside can see us changin or not.. hahahah ;D who cares..??!!
I love the evening wear tat we 1st changed to.. the designer is reali veri meticulous.. very detailed wif his designs.. oohhh.. reali veri nice.. ;p & the accessories tat we have to put on wif the outfits.. well, u can see frm the pics.. veri glam.. haha ;D but its oso not veri easy to change out of them.. i was kinda struggling to get the accessories out, not the outfit though.. ;D
The easiest to change into & out of it is the office wear.. mine is juz a kinda wrap ard outfit.. ;p tat took mi less than 30secs to change in/out of it..
The other theme of the outfit tat i reali like is the malay style whom the designer is a malay lady.. veri trendy & the color combination was fab..!! its not easy to change into tat outfit as well.. but stil i love her designs.. ;p
Then, is the Shopping theme.. a veri stylish theme of outfits.. the colors are veri vibrant, i love colors.. Easiest to change into & out of it.. i love the yellow outfit tat Nat was wearing.. i tink tat is reali cool.. ;) i love the top tat i was wearing.. Pink.. i rem when i was goin up the stage when i wearing tat outfit.. i didnt know tat the skirt is so tight @ the bottom tat i cant take big steps & i reali had difficulties goin up the stairs..!! i was like.. "oh shit.. oh shit.. i cant walk up the stairs..!! okie okie.. do it slowly.. slowly.. " luckily i didnt fumble.. stumble.. thru out the whole show.. PHEW.. we, now i remembered.. i had the same prob goin up the stairs when i was wearing my evening wear.. the green, brown outift.. tat was slightly worse.. cos i kept on steppin on my dress tat i reali have to hold it up a little when i was up the stage n on the runway.. the bottom was reali veri tight.. n it was too long for mi.. my 2 & 1/2 inch heels doesnt help mi @ all.. not tall enuff.. ;( but stil manage to keep my cool & pretend nothing happen.. ;D tat was funny when i tink abt it now.. ;D
Lastly is the wedding outfit tat Fiona & Alvin were wearing.. veri cool isn't? i simply love the wedding gown Fiona's wearing.. it was so beautiful!!!! Then finale when we went up the stage to take a grp pic again.. wel, as u can see.. all of us had oreadi change into our own clothes.. & wif the make-up almost gone.. tat was so UNGLAM eh.. tat is wat i tot.. but wel, its okie wif mi though..
Kinda cool.. the b4 & after effects.. ;D

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