Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Went to mit up wif Joanna, Joseph for dinner @ Joyce's plce.. ;) & to see her new born baby, Rachel!!! Supposingly we wanted to mit @ P.S for dinner.. then This new mummy said she cant bcos of her baby.. no one to take care of the baby.. so we went to her plce instead.. well, She's abt 2mths old oreadi.. went to Hosp to visit Joyce when she juz delivered her baby gal.. so tat was 2mths back eh... woah.. ;p So took few pics of the baby & us wif her.. Joyce mummy din wan to take any pics wif us or wif her baby.. cos she said she's fat...... ;( anyway, well, nex time then.. ;)
So we went up to her plce.. & we had to buy dinner on our own & for the proud parents of baby Rachel.. gosh.. i was surprised when Jo was saying tat we hav to buy our dinner up to her plce.. i was like.. "huh? isn't she goin to cook for us..? I tot i can have some home-cooked food @ last.." but well, nope, im not.. ;( I told her nex time we go to her plce.. she'll have to cook for us eh.. simple dishes oso can do... I Reali missed home-cooked food.. suddenly i missed Aunty Mary's cooking.. Missed my granny's cooking as well... argh...!! shucks.. okie enuff of tat.. i dun wan to tink abt home-cooked food.. the more i tink abt it, the more i missed it.. the more i missed it.. the more i feel sad.. okie.. STOP! ;p
Its Juz like the more i wan to forget a person.. the more i'll think abt him.. the more i tink of him, the harder it is to forget abt him.. the more i miss him.. so i told myself to juz STOP tinking abt him.. dun push myself too hard to forget the person.. Let nature take its course.. Let time heal all wounds.. I'll forget all abt him when time pass by.. :)

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