Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hehehe.. its cold in here......... im freezing.... ;)

The only thing that is missing is the SNOW..!!!

Well, this jacket is bought by my dear Daddy who juz came back frm Taiwan this evening.. ;) hahaha..!! He told my mum not to buy any jackets/sweaters in Spore.. as he'll buy them frm taiwan.. as it is cheaper to buy frm ther.. so this time when he's back.. he bought one for all of us.. my mum, sis, bro & mi..!! ;) hehehe.. nex time he'll buy somemore for mi.. i told him tat i want a pink one as he said there's pink, yellow, blue jackets.. he bought black for them. wel, @ least he knows i like colors.. i told him tat he can get mi any color of the jacket as long as its nice!! ;D so juz now the 3 ladies of the family (my mum, sis & mi) went to pick him up frm the airport & we had dinner @ Clementi interchange wher we had our all time favourite, Claypot rice.. @ the coffeeshop near to the Mac.. ;) we used to go ther for claypot rice when we're stayin @ Clementi when we're stil young then... well, he'll be goin back ther for work on sun.. so the nex time he's coming back will b end of Jan.. or Feb.. ;( he might miss spending the Chinese New Yr nex yr... But wel, he has been being taken gd care of over in Taiwan by his colleagues.. so tat @ least taken a load off my mind & my mum's.. ;)
finally, tml goin back to work.. after 4days of rest.. gotta sleep now.. !!

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