Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yest had my 1st time doin a video shoot.. eh.. wel, not reali a video shoot like for mtv stuffs like tat.. the shoots are taken in front of a blue screen.. where we hav to imagine tat we r doin some motions.. as the video wil b animated.. its actualy for a movie launching tat wil b @ China.. hehe.. lucky not in spore.. but somehow wished it'll be show in spore so tat my family n frens can see oso.. but anyway, hope we can get a cd of the video shoot we did last nite.. @ least let us have a memento of the rare experience.. christal said she'll try to get us a cd.. ;)
It was christal who asked mi if i can do this shoot.. which onli require the gals to do some exotic dance, pole dance, chinese dance.. So luckily i am having the day off (after my nite shifts) n so i asked Evie, Yung & Kahyam (babes frm Exotic Dance too) to do this together as well.. & oso got my Dear Bro to do the shoot too.. as they need guys to play basketball, street dance.. Its all pretending ya.. we have to put in our imagination to do some of the moves... actualy, the guys have to put in all their imagination..
It was reali kinda fun & reali an experience.. then a thought came to mi.. i reali have to take my hat off for those actors, actresses who act in an animated movie/show.. all i can say abt them is.. THEY MUST BE REALI GD!!!!!!!!!!!! cos its reali kinda awkward & funny to act in front of the camera but stil hav to act as if its real.. anyway, ITS NOT EASY!!
I love a shoot which all the gals.. (Me, Evie, Yung & Kahyam) have to dance one by one, & each of us to dance abt 20-30sec ( i tink) then the nex one hav to start dancing wif the pose which the prev one had stop @.. tat was reali fun though.. it was so funny.. cos we will try to end our dance wif a easy pose which the nex one can easily start wif.. hahaha ;D then there's one shoot which i have to do the chinese dance.. tat's reali kinda difficult for mi but luckily got tat shoot done quite fast. hehe.. juz hav to pretend tat im dancing wif the long ribbons.. al i need to do is to juz move my hands as if im twirling the long ribbons.. initially i looked kinda 'rough' wif the ribbons.. wel.. if u hav seen scenes abt chinese dance wif ribbons.. u know wat i mean.. but after awhile, i got the hang of it (well, tat wat the 'director' said.. okie okie. u r gettin the hang of it.. gd gd gd.. twirl it.. up n dwn up n dwn. ) the last shoot which is beach shoot which Kahyam & i hav to wear bikini.. pretending we're playing frisbee.. ball.. tat was kinda easy for mi.. ;D
By the way, All the shoots are done INDIVIDUALLY..!! tat was a bit awkward initially.. but as the nite goes along, it was kinda fun.. ;) i was enjoying myself actually.. hahaha ;D

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