Sunday, December 18, 2005

Went to watch AEON FLUX on friday nite wif fren, whom i cant reveal his name as this is our agreement.. ;) Anyway, this movie is reali veri cool...!!! Charlize Theron is reali super cool, Sexy & simply great!!! Look @ the pics below & u'll know why i tink she's cool.. ;D
I Love the painting of this Character for the show.. Traver (Marton Csokas).. i wish i could have a painting of me in this way...!! ;D

This move is similar to Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible..

The poster of the show.. i like it!!

hmm... i dun remember which part of the show did she wore tat sexy outfit.. wif the stylo hairdo.. ;l

Another stylo- malo character in the show.. whom i dun knw her name.. but the character she's acting in.. she has 4pairs of hands.. she's not having 4arms. as well, its pretty obvious frm the pic.. well, the other pair of hands.. or i would say more specifically is actualy the palms & of cos wif 5 fingers.. are actualy her feet..!! Gross..??!! wel, i dun tink so.. ;p juz felt tat it is reali fascinating.. ;p

I reali feel tat her hairstlye is reali veri stylish... ;)

Fri.. it was the opening nite for MOS (Ministry of Sound).. & actually i did have the sms in my phone for the free entry.. & I did went to the MOS... but well.. im juz onli outside of MOS.. met Darren, Jimmy, Rachel.. & the rest outside MOS.. & when i reached there.. the sight of the queue for MOS was reali Unbelievable!!!! It was super duper reali veri long....!!!!!!!!! we're like... hmm.... reali dun tink we can make it to b inside of MOS.. & worse.. i oreadi have a date for the Aeon Flux show @ midnite wif my fren.. so in the end.. we took some pics wif Rachel's Cam.. & had dinner @ Mac.. wel, onli Jimmy & i ate.. then headed down to Union for a short while of Salsa-ing.. then went to watch the show.. ;p i could onli have 3 dances @ Union tat nite.. ;/ Anyway, Fri. oh i was attending a course on both Thurs & Fri .. then went back home & met my parents for dinner then went to get presents for the kiddos for the Sat Xmas home party.. ;) then rushed home to get changed to go to MOS.. in the end.. didnt get in.. but well, luckily this movie is great..!! ;)

wel, the setting of the show is of abt 400yrs in the future.. in a city/state which is 'protected' or governed by a group of scientists.. Aeon Flux is one of the top 'assasins' in the the underground 'Monican' rebellion.. she was sent to kill the leader whom she tot he had killed her sister.. & the show goes on.. the show was kinda abt Human Cloning.. can u imagine yrself being cloned & u trained yrself to take over yr plce.. juz like Traver.. he cloned himself & his bro for decades of yrs.. so in other words, he has been the governor for abt more than 100yrs..!! U r in a way.. living eternally.. forever.. would u wan it to be tat way? Well, not for mi.. i dun wan to live forever!! i juz wanna live once & make this life worthwhile.. I dun reali care if human cloning wil b successful in the near future.. but y r there pple who reali wan to live forever.. i would rather the scientist cloning of the soon-to-b-extinct animals.. tat wil b even more meaningful than juz cloning yself.. ;) anyway, this show can watch it!! catch if b4 it stop showing.. ;p

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